Using your Tech to Work-from-Home (WFH): An 8-part Guide

More and more people are now working from home as companies have been resolved or forced to make this kind of work arrangement for various reasons. (At the time of publication of this article, the Coronavirus outbreak is the most recent widespread reason. With potentially 200,000 people succumbing to the virus, the entire workforce is closing its doors in the hopes to reduce the spread of infection and opting to have their employees work from their homes.) 

Working from home has been existing since the early 2000s and companies are seeing the value of it as there are 13% of them who are happy and are seen to stay in their current job for the next 5 years. Although there are still a relatively huge number of global companies that are not allowing their employees to work from home, they are now slowly accepting the fact that working from home can be beneficial, economical, and safer for everyone’s sake.

If you’re someone who isn’t accustomed to something like this, it is expected that you may find this concept totally new and a bit challenging. So finding a strategy that works can help you make it through.

For a global shift like this in the workforce happening now, GroupLink is here to guide you through the ropes of remote working using the technology and strategy that you have. (If you don’t have one, that’s fine as we’ll explore one that will work for you together!)

This 8-part series of our remote work articles covers various interesting topics surrounding it. That’s from the common concerns of setting up this kind of work arrangement to how we can make sure that projects run smoothly — we’ll talk about everything so you can have a great week ahead of you.

Let’s dive in!

In the next few days, we will provide the following blog articles that will help you perform your best while working from home:

Part 1. This introduction article.

Part 2. Top 6 Key Concerns About Work-from-Home – Just like working in the office, working from home still has its fair share of challenges. People are skeptical about this new concept; some think working from home decreases your productivity because of distractions such as binge-watching Netflix. While that is true, remote work is so much more than the typical stereotypes. Without strategies and proper procedures in place, working from home can be as stimulating and challenging as a rigorous 9 to 5 desk job.

Part 3. Task Overload vs Smooth Workflow – Managing workflow when working from home may be different from the traditional structure which is easier to oversee. With distractions around, it’s quite challenging to enable and achieve maximum productivity for both employers and employees without a clear process and delegation of tasks.

Part 4. How to Setup a Remote Team in the Midst of an Outbreak – Most of the companies have now jumped into the remote working arrangement as seeing this is the most advantageous and practical way of continuing business. But where and how do you start?

Part 5. Socializing and Collaborating Effectively with Teammates While Working from Home – On top of the list, the common problem people who work from home face would be isolation. This can cause faster burnout, emerging feelings of depression and loneliness. In this article, we talk about how you can continue to socialize with your friends, colleagues and collaborate with them in spite of working from home.

Part 6. 5 Easy Steps for Effective Delegation of Responsibility – Delegating is a sure way to get things done in a lesser amount of time. But because of the current situation, employers might encounter unforeseen obstacles in using the same approach they know when it comes to delegating responsibilities to employees who are working from home.

Part 7. Ways to Make Stronger Connections with Your Employees When Working From Home – Even if you’re only a screen away from your employees wearing pajamas, it’s still important to create meaningful conversations and stronger connections with your employees to foster productivity and a thriving work relationship.

Part 8. Summary.

Distributed work in remote teams or employees who are now working from home is nothing new. Businesses are now seeing how safe and productive it is for their employees to work from home and using this time to explore tools that can help democratize opportunities and possibilities.

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Happy remote working!

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