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v11.5.5 – Public Release March 19, 2020
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-Adding a Watcher to an entire Location
-Changing the order of Custom Fields
-Modern Authentication for email to ticket added
-Added a date range for SLA Business Hours, this prevents having to enter one date at at time
-Added the ability to copy or duplicate a ticket

Bug Fixes
-Exporting tickets in landscape mode is now working
-‘Save As’ function on filters is now working
-Ticket Templates will continue to run even if one ticket fails
-Dial Widget is now working with correct data on dashboards
-Surveys will be sent when tied to a category or category option
-In KB articles, all articles were showing the modified date as the last date the entire system was updated. It will now show the actual date the article was modified.

v11.5.4 – Public Release October 3, 2019
-Suggested solutions when entering a ticket
-Additional subticket information within parent ticket
-Update to TLS 1.2
-Add a permission to view SLA on tickets
-Permissions to follow the technician/user
-Removed duplicate logo from PDF
-Error 500 when deleting a knowledgebase article is fixed
-Knowledgebase article tags can now be added and deleted
-ADFS LazyInitializationException when upgrading has been resolved
-Oracle issue ORA-00972 has been resolved
-Permissions issue – Contact can now view tickets they have entered

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