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v12.0.6 – Public Release April 20, 2022

-System Message will now be stretched across the top upon login

Bug Fixes
-Columns can be resized on My Tickets screen
-E2T is correctly processing emails
-Ticket template tickets no longer give a 500 error
-Category/Category Option can be deleted
-Location will update when contact is changed
-Asset menu will stay open once it is clicked
-Public filters will display when creating a new tab
-Certificate based Authorization for Security Microsoft Email Configuration
-My Tickets tab can be exported to pd
-Dark Mode visibility fields updated
-Tickets can be copied without error

v12.0.5 – Public Release February 11, 2022

-Added watcher to the ticket filter
-Note field is larger
-API added to show logo correctly
-Added a submission successful message when submitting a Service Portal ticket
-Updated holidays on the SLA
-Ticket template update

Bug Fixes
-Updated report format for asset filter
-Custom fields value prints correctly, display correctly on filter
-Custom field phone number fixed
-404 error when submitting tickets is fixed
-500 error when creating a pdf is fixed

v12.0.4 – Public Release December 10, 2021

Bug Fixes
-Ticket search for contact updated and fixed
-LDAP field information icon for username attribute completed
-Estimated Completion Date is localized
-Updating location will also update Assignment
-Help files updated

v12.0.3 – Public Release October 28, 2021

-System Message Text will now appear in the upper right corner after login
-Self Service updates to notifications and required fields
-Added a search feature to the Contact Field

Bug Fixes
-Holidays can now be deleted when added to an SLA
-Ticket search can now be viewed while in dark mode

v12.0.2 – Public Release September 17, 2021

-Added Knowledgebase Tags 
-Knowledgebase Articles will now appear when the associated tags are used when entering a ticket

Bug Fixes
-Search box back on User Management
-Attachments are fixed on KB articles
-Custom fields now appearing on ticket and pdf

v12.0.1 – Public Release August 2, 2021

-Upgraded to Tomcat 9.0.45
-Add a warranty Start and End date field to the Asset Tab
-Added an End of Life date field to the Asset Tab
-Added a Self Service Portal Module – SSP
-Added an option to hide inactive groups
-Added a Dark Mode and Light Mode feature
-Upgraded Oracle compatibility to 19c

Bug Fixes
-E2T requests are no longer blank, fields are populated as usual
-Cancel button in Assets tab is no longer saving data, it will cancel an changes
-Searching an asset within a ticket will now display the asset number and the name of the asset
-Admin can create assignments
-Work time can be manually changed
-Apprentice Role can view all group tickets but cannot be assigned a ticket

v12.0 – Public Release April 10, 2021

-New User Interface using Bootstrap
-Added the ability to add multiple attachments to a ticket at one time
-User Management Updates
-Option to hide Inactive Users
-Ability to delete multiple users at once
-Ability to filter by role
-Asset Import – Owner will now import as the username
-SLA Status has been added to the Permission Model

Bug Fixes
-Long subject and notes will be truncated
-Updated ticket tables to prevent parent/child loops
-Email to ticket will display as submitted. Carriage returns will stay.
-Asset Ticket Filter will show dates

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